Santa Lucía

There is a park in the city called Santa Lucía that I visited after the presidential palace. I wasn’t quite sure how to find it from the metro but as I was walking I could suddenly see it down one of the side streets (luckily) because it is a big hill, or cerro in Spanish. I walked around the park for awhile and eventually climbed to the top to take some pictures of the skyline. Unfortunately I was wearing the wrong shoes – ouch – it was kind of hazy thanks to the sun and the pollution. Not all of my pictures came out well, but here are some of the good ones…

There are actually mountains back there when you can see through the pollution (I hear that Santiago is actually really pretty after it rains).

So, in the last post I said I was doing pretty well finding my way around Santiago.  Well, this is the point at which I got lost. (Remember, I didn’t have a map.) After winding around the hill several times to get down, I totally lost my sense of direction. I exited the same place I entered but started walking in the wrong direction. Whoops! Luckily some inspectors (or at least that’s what their uniforms said) helped me find the nearest metro stop and then I was fine. However, it was a walk that seemed to last an eternity as I could understand one of them when he talked slowly but the other one was likely speaking some other language (chileno – which I have not yet acquired!). At least they understood me!


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