Horseback Riding

One of the things I really wanted to do on the island was ride a horse. It is not something that I usually think about much in the states, but who could turn down the opportunity to go horseback riding on a tropical island? Certainly not me!

Juriel, a very nice local English student of the two long term volunteers, cares for a horse called Agape. She is kind of a little horse, but then again I think all of the horses here seem littler than the common breeds in the states. (Everything is bigger in the states, right?) Unlike some of the horses here, Agape isn’t terribly underweight. I would say she could afford to gain a little more, but she is by no means starved. That was really one of my conditions in finding a horse to ride. But, I wasn’t really looking for the opportunity yet. Juriel knew that I am an animal lover and that I had wanted to ride a horse here so he offered to take me.


Agape was hungry before we left so Juriel fed her some jocote. I actually got to try one raw the other day and to me it was chalky and kind of bitter. I don’t know if it wasn’t ripe or if that is just how it is. But anyway, amazingly, Agape knows to spit out the pits. She also eats mangoes and spits out the pits. Silly me. I thought horses ate hay!

The ride was nice, and slow! Surprise, surprise I had a hard time getting on because my legs were too short for the saddle. Oh well. But the ride was good. Agape followed Juriel down the street and stopped every time he stopped. As a total beginner, I was good with that! Now I can say that I rode a horse on Ometepe Island!


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