The Plan

So here’s the plan. Poor Chris was picked up to go to the airport by my wonderful step dad at 4:30 am eastern time. He probably won’t arrive to Hacienda Mérida until 7:00 here which is 9:00 pm eastern time. That is a long day of traveling, but it is better not to waste a second day on travel when we only have two weeks!


I have added dots for Mérida (farther south) and Playa Santo Domingo on Ometepe Island. I have also circled Laguna de Apoyo.

We will stay here at Hacienda Mérida for 5 days. Our activities will (probably) include: hiking Volcán Maderas, kayaking, bike-riding and seeing some petroglyphs. Click here to read a little bit about petroglyphs on Ometepe Island.

Then we are headed to Playa Santo Domingo for two nights. It is still on the island but it is on the small strip of land that connects the two volcanoes. There is a beautiful sandy beach there (rather than volcanic pebbles which is what we have here) with a view of both of the volcanoes. It is also much closer to Ojo de Agua which is a partially man-made pool that has water so clear you can see to the bottom (so I hear). Apparently, it is a great spot for swimming and relaxing.

After that we will head up to Moyogalpa to take the ferry or lancha to San Jorge. From there we will take a bus to Granada. We will have three nights in Granada. I am not sure what time we will arrive the first day. The second day, my plan is to take a day trip to Volcán Mombacho to do ziplining! Then the third day we will have more time to walk around Granada and see the city a bit.

Then we are headed to Laguna de Apoyo for two nights. It seems that there is not much to do there, but relax or kayak. I figured Chris would appreciate some downtime. Plus, the room we got there is gorgeous and there is a private jacuzzi. We would never be able to (or willing to) afford something like that in the states, but might as well live it up for less than half the price of a crappy hotel room in the US!

After that we are going to León for two nights. It will really be like a day though because we have to travel to Managua and then catch a bus to León, or at least that is what I think we have to do. We’ll figure it out. Just not sure how long it will take. But, we will have one whole day there to explore and to see the cathedral.

Then we have to go to Managua in the morning. We will have to see how quick public transportation is. If it is too slow, we’ll have to take a taxi. Our flight leaves around 1:00 pm Nicaragua time or 3:00 pm eastern time. Unfortunately, by the time we get to Atlanta there are no flights back to Rochester until the next day. So, we’re spending one night in Atlanta and we’ll be back by lunchtime in Rochester on Sunday.


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