Our Time in Mérida

So I have to tell you about my troubles blogging this week. I feel like I’m a failing blogger at the moment. And the problem is water. My arch nemesis water is blocking every attempt I have made (or could have made) at taking some great pictures for you.

During our time in Mérida we have kayaked twice, once to Monkey Island and once down the coast in the other direction, and we have hiked twice, once to the waterfall at San Ramon and once up Volcán Maderas. Unfortunately, I have almost no pictures to share. We did not want to risk bringing a phone or camera on the kayak. Kayaking is a pretty drippy business.

As for San Ramon, it basically poured for our entire hike. I did manage to take a few pictures which were obscured by the torrential downpour and later accidentally deleted (which I am still not over). They would have been terrible pictures anyway, but the waterfall at the end of the hike was beautiful. It was nothing like Niagara Falls. You kind of have to separate yourself from living so close to such an enormous waterfall. It was very, very tall, but much thinner than Niagara Falls. Still, I really enjoyed the view.

And the culprit on the volcano was water but in a gaseous state. It was so cloudy. We had an ok view of Volcán Concepción on the way down, but the view at the top was no existent. It was cold (by Nicaraguan standards) and windy and the clouds blowing through actually reminded me of smoke. It kind of looked like everything was on fire and the smoke was rolling over the peak.

I was able to take a few pictures on the hike. We saw a few monkeys and also a crab. I knew that there were a bunch of monkeys (howlers and capuchins) living in the forest here. We actually saw about ten howlers on our way back from lunch on Sunday. And there were five capuchins living on Monkey Island. It was so cool kayaking past a tiny island with adorable monkeys until I realized that they probably had very little to eat that naturally grew on the island and that how they had gotten to the island was rather suspect. It is quite possibly a tourist ploy to get people to rent kayaks and paddle over there. Although, I will probably never know the whole story of how they got there or why.

But anyway, you can see the amazing views at the top of Maderas as well… (sarcasm, if that did not come across)




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