Spider Hunter Extrodinaire

For any of you who read Confessions of a Terrified Girl, which frankly was a bit of self-therapy to help me deal with my fear of spiders of the very large variety, I thought you might appreciate an update on the tarantula situation here in Mérida. Supposedly they exist. And supposedly you are likely to see them up on the volcano as they tend to live in the forest. However, I have yet to see one. Ever since the Swiss girl had her terrifying encounter with two big black hairless spiders in her room I have been quite diligent in inspecting my room nightly. I don’t think Chris really understands why I bother, and he very bluntly told me that the inspection only ensured that there was no tarantula at the current moment, and that the large gap under the door of our room make tarantula entry quite easy at any point throughout the night. In response, I rolled up a beach towel and stuffed it under the door.

Anyway, so far so good on the tarantula front. If I make it through this trip tarantula and enormous spider free, I will be eternally grateful. It will be an additional bonus if I make it without seeing any scorpion that is bigger than an inch and a half. I saw one in the bathroom sink about that size. It was only after that I found out that the venom is more highly concentrated and potentially much more harmful in the smaller scorpions. But whatever. As of right now I have no fear of scorpions. I can only deal with one paralyzing fear at a time thank you very much.


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