Saying Goodbye to Mérida

This morning I said bye to Mérida. I am not sure if Chris was ready to go, but once we got to the beach this morning, I think he could appreciate why I wanted to see more of the island. We could have stayed for two more days but we would have had to travel out this direction twice to do some of the things I wanted to do out here.


Anyway, leaving was kind of bittersweet. Two nights ago a bunch of us went to dinner, including Jen (a dance teacher who volunteers teaching dance classes to the Ometepe Bilingual School children) and her family and we were able to spend some time with people and start to say goodbye. I got to say goodbye to Bex and David last night and the teachers and some of the children this morning. I also said goodbye to one of the two Argentinian guys who has been working at Hacienda Mérida. The two of them are moving on shortly. Like me, they were just passing through. Sadly, Álvaro is in Managua, so I was unable to say goodbye to him.

Part of me will miss Hacienda Mérida, where I lived for a month! I will especially miss the people who worked there who were so great and so patient with me. Obviously, I’ll miss the kids. They thought I should just stay. I told some of them that I couldn’t because I have students back in the states who need me. Not sure little kids can really understand why foreigners might not be able to just stay forever.

Anyway, Hacienda Mérida is a special place. There are some amazing projects happening there. That is not to say that it is without its problems. My American perspective on the way things are run there is definitely much different from the Nicaraguan perspective on it. You can ask me all about it if you’d like to know more. But it is a unique place. Take a look at these signs. Only at Hacienda Mérida…

I am also sad to leave the people I met in the community. Juriel was so great to talk to. He was the one who let me ride Agape (check out this post). And I just love Walmero and Luvianca’s family. Their mom/grandma Doña Clara was just amazing. Always so friendly and generous and always wanting to chat!


I really hope that I get to come back. There is so much work to be done at Ometepe Bilingual School, and Mérida is the perfect place to bring students (cross your fingers that I might be able to make that happen!). It is so safe and the community is so welcoming. I am looking forward to the day when I can come back!

Now we are at the beach for two days and we decided to just relax today and recover from the hike up Maderas!


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