Goodbye Ometepe! Hello Granada!

Today, Chris and I said goodbye to Ometepe. We took the chicken bus, as it is called here, to Moyogalpa. The chicken bus is just an old American school bus that is used to provide public transportation on the island. I am really not sure why it is called a chicken bus, but I have heard two theories so far. One is that people bring their chickens on the bus. I have yet to witness that, but I wouldn’t rule it out as a possibility. Another is that the motion that bus riders’ heads make when going over the bumps looks like the movement that chickens make when they walk.

Anyway, after the chicken bus, we stopped to get something to eat at the Cornerhouse Café. It apparently recently won a TripAdvisor award, and it was not surprising. I have not mentioned how much I have missed good coffee since being on Ometepe, which is ironic since it is grown on the island as well as on the mainland. I don’t know what it is about the coffee at Hacienda Mérida, but I didn’t really like it. It could have been the milk, rather than cream. I don’t know. But I had my first good coffee in a month today, and I was quite excited. I also ordered a delicious salad, which you all know I had been missing.

After lunch, we got right on a ferry. There are so many leaving during the day you barely have to wait, which is fantastic for someone born with as little patience as me. I can’t believe I was on the island just over a month but as much as I didn’t want to leave, I am really excited to explore more of Nicaragua.

Once we got off the ferry, I actually let a taxi driver talk me into a taxi ride to Granada instead of trying to find transportation to Rivas and then a bus up to Granada, which probably would have taken double the time. I had my mind all made up but after the chicken bus ride and the ferry ride, I was kind of ready to just get to Granada. We’ll have to try some more public transportation another day so we can figure out how it works down here.

The taxi took us right to the hotel. It seems that there are a lot of nice hotels in Granada, and this is by far the nicest one we have stayed in yet. The one we stayed at at the beach had a private bathroom, but no door. Just a curtain that did not even reach to the floor. I tried to make the best of it, but I am so glad to be in a hotel with a door to the bathroom and AC. Didn’t realize they would have it, but I’ll enjoy it while I can.

We were able to walk around a bit today and we had a great dinner at a Spanish restaurant. Here are some mojitos to celebrate vacation! I am trying to encourage Chris to celebrate with me everyday, but mostly I just get excited and he goes along with it. However, he seemed pretty happy about the gelato we got later. Pretty great night. Tomorrow we’re off to Volcán Mombacho for zip lining!


One thought on “Goodbye Ometepe! Hello Granada!

  1. All of this food and drink looks AMAZING!! I like your daily celebration Christina. At a winery, one of the employees told Chesla and me that opening a bottle of wine should be an occasion in itself (instead of waiting for a special reason to open a bottle). Granted, that may have been a sales technique but we both really liked the idea. Enjoying an icy mojito in Nicaragua is definitely a reason to celebrate! Can’t wait to see you guys soon!


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