Volcanoes II

I have gotten some really amazing views of the volcanoes since I arrived on Ometepe Island, but as I have mentioned, Mother Nature has really not been on our side since Chris arrived. While he doesn’t seem to mind to much, it has been frustrating me that he hasn’t gotten a really good view of the volcanoes, especially Concepción.

Our first day at Playa Santo Domingo it was raining and the volcanoes were so covered in clouds you could barely tell that there were volcanoes on the island. Chris went to lay down for a nap and eventually the rain stopped and the clouds cleared. I woke him up and made him come and take a walk on the beach with me so that he could get possibly his only good view of the volcanoes. I took a ton of pictures, but I am going to post a few of the best ones.


Concepción from Playa Santo Domingo.


Concepción. Ok, so the clouds were actually starting to come back by the time I took this picture, but it looks so cool!


Maderas and Playa Santo Domingo.



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