Change of Plans

So, we decided to change the plan a little bit. If you recall, we were going to end our trip in León, which is up north a ways. Everyone here says that it is “so far”. I am guessing that from the Laguna, we would have to go to Masaya and then Managua and then up to León. I could be wrong, but I don’t think there is a direct bus there. I know that there was a bus from Masaya to Managua though.

I asked the owner of the little stand where we bought our hammocks how long the trip would take and he said “probably three hours”. If we had to catch 3 buses, I know the trip would probably be longer than that, but it is interesting to me the perception of what is far. Three hours is half way to NYC from Rochester if you’re driving fast. It is only a little over halfway to the Adirondacks and for either of those trips, we have not even left the state! Chris’ guess was that people probably grow up, raise kids, and die in the same place that they were born. This very well may be true. I am a bit surprised that people would not make a “three hour” journey so see other parts of their country.

Anyway, we decided not to go to León for a few reasons. First, I think that Chris wanted some more time to relax, which is fair enough. I wanted some more time to blog (since relaxation is really a foreign concept for me). We did want to waste a whole day traveling (or at least much of the day). And, it seems much easier to get to Managua from where we are right now.

While I would like to go to León next time I’m in Nicaragua, I think the best part of being here is the “naturaleza”.  There is nothing better than tropical plants and animals, lagoons, lakes, rain forests, and volcanoes and you don’t get much of those things in a city.


So we will be spending our last day here at Laguna de Apoyo. We are going to go up to a look out point for lunch today and hopefully we’ll get some great pictures of the whole lagoon, and maybe even another volcano if we are lucky.

Tomorrow we are leaving for Managua in the morning and flying into Atlanta. Then Sunday morning we’ll be flying back to Rochester. I will be sad to leave, but I think I’m pretty ready to head home. I am hoping that there will be an excited puppy who still remembers me there, and I cannot wait to see friends and family again!


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