Last Day of Vacation

Our last day of vacation was July 4th. We had decided to stay at Laguna de Apoyo because we didn’t want to waste a day on travel and the lagoon was really tropical paradise. The idea was to relax a bit more, but I am finding relaxing increasingly difficult these days. Chris seems to do pretty well at it. He did a lot of reading and I did a lot of blogging.

I really didn’t want to spend the last day just sitting there, as beautiful as it was. I had read about two lookout points up on the ridge that looked over the whole lagoon. One looked like it was close enough to go on foot, so we decided to hike. It was a pretty big hill, so we had talked about catching the chicken bus up, but I couldn’t wait. I think I was getting a little antsy from having nothing to do.

So, we put on our shorts, our hiking boots and lots of sunscreen, and we headed out. It was HOT. We were both sweating, although I wasn’t really dripping as much as Chris. I tried to hold his hand at one point and he wasn’t really having it. I was reminding myself that he was being a good sport vacationing in a place so hot and humid.

We got up the hill and it wasn’t as bad as I had thought it was going to be. We had to turn down another road and walk a ways. It seemed like we walked and walked. We happened to pass a school just as it was letting out (at noon). The kids seemed to be thrilled to see a couple of gringos walking down the street. One little boy ran up to Chris and yelled “¡Hola gringo!” and two little girls walked right next to me for a ways down the road.

Finally we got to the lookout which is a tiny spot right in between two restaurants. I felt like we had to patronize at least one of them, so we bought some Fanta naranjas to drink while looking at this view. It was kind of hazy, so it was hard to get a very clear picture. You could actually see Lago Nicaragua off to the left and what I think was Volcán Mombacho to the right, which is the volcano where we had gone ziplining.

lagoonIt seemed like the clouds were starting to get thicker and it had rained pretty hard the day before, so I told Chris we should get going. I was disappointed in not having the best view, especially given the view (or lack thereof) from the top of Volcán Maderas. But I didn’t know how long we would have to wait for the sun to come out so that we could actually see the turquoise color of the water and a more defined ridge line around the lagoon.

Chris didn’t seem ready to go and when I turned around he was pulling a little wooden box out of his backpack. He told me that he had been meaning to ask me something since we were on top of… And he couldn’t remember the name, so I told him Maderas. I just remember saying oh my God several times because you would have thought the top of a volcano would be the place to do it and since it hadn’t happened there, I thought he probably wasn’t going to do it at all. He asked me to marry him and I forgot to say yes. I tried to kiss him but poked him in the forehead with his baseball cap that I was wearing. I realized that I hadn’t said yes and told him that of course I’d marry him. We both kind of stumbled through the proposal, but I think the rest is going to be easy. I tease Chris that he isn’t the most romantic guy at all. If I have to choose between romantic and stable, reliable, accepting and loving, I’ll happily go with the later which is exactly who Chris is.

Then Chris showed me the ring and I couldn’t believe it. Even though it has taken me what feels like forever to find the right guy I have always been worried that I’d be sending some poor guy back to the store. Chris has been specifically instructed not to buy me jewelry because I am pretty picky and I don’t want to have to pretend like I like something. I don’t have to pretend anything with this ring. It is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. Pictures can’t even do it justice. It is so shiny and sparkly that it is really hard to get a good picture of it. I have never been a big jewelry person, but I love it! Not even close to as much as I love Chris, but as much as I could love a ring. I told him later that he as really good and he told me he knew because he had picked me.

Since there was a little drunk guy sitting uncomfortable close to us the whole time (I am realizing now that I forgot to mention that detail), we decided it was time to head back down the hill. Unfortunately, I couldn’t put on the ring because Chris said he couldn’t return it if he had it sized before he asked me. As if there were any doubt what my answer would be! I asked him who he had told and his answer was no one! Not even his family! I couldn’t believe it. I figured everyone but me already knew.

When we got back we spent the rest of the day swimming and kayaking and Skyping with excited family members. It was an amazing last day of vacation! I couldn’t have asked for a better trip together.


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